About the Artist

Since 1961 I concentrated on wildlife and landscape photography. In 2009 I converted from film to digital photography and became interested in post processing software to correct some of the short comings of digital sensors. Software programs that improved depth of field made possible the capture of detailed images. The availability of medium format cameras with high definition sensors and printers that could produce detail and accurate color rendering, led to the creation of high definition prints of floral and botanical subjects.

About the process

Captured Spirit

 Plucked full bloom

Gently posed

Softly illuminated

Macro dissected

Sharp fused


Pigment on metallic

Adhered clear

Back braced

Forever floating



Andre van As (April 2016)

This poem does not follow the usual Haiku form of repeating three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, nor other derivative forms that have been used,     but rather is inspired by the abstract nature of Haiku and the expression of connected ideas that are interdependent as well as independent. The poem is a description of the process used to make my images, and depicts the journey travelled to master a craft, which when executed by balancing light, color and form, becomes an expression of art.